16 Instagram Accounts That Will Change The Way You See Food

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@caiirose happy girl with organic popsicles

When it comes to food and recipes, Instagram has always been my go to. As Pinterest coming in second, Instagram is flooded with people like you and me living these incredibly healthy lives. A life that I want to live, one that inspires me to create uber healthy bad ass meals so that I can eat clean, stay green and always be eco-conscious.

It’s eating with purpose, creating food with love and truly experiencing the benefits that come along with it that are truly life-changing. This list of 16 wildly cool Instagram accounts reveals not only what a day in the life of a plant-based foodie looks like, but also of one that aspires to be.

However you identify yourself at the moment, whether you are or deciding to be vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan, or pescatarian, these accounts will satisfy each and every one of you. They will empower you, captivate you and hopefully become your source of wholesome inspiration to lead an easy, green and natural lifestyle.



@elsas_wholesomelife Instagram Bali fruits and smoothies

Her life is pretty mystical, to say the least. But her adventures to exotic locations and quest for savory and sweet vegan delights makes you question that cheeseburger. She’s a must follow on Instagram when it comes to opening yourself up to a new way of living.



@inesmdavid Instagram blueberry smoothie bowl

Her blogging journey and simplistic approach make Inês’ Instagram so easy to follow. Not only does she capture bright stunning photos of her dishes, but you can tell the ease to which she does it. She gets an A for inspiration.



@venuswholefoods Instagram vegan colourful salad

An Instagram account I have been following for years and one that makes me stop, stare and yes drool a little. This restaurant’s account nails it every time and makes eating out looks so damn exciting. Just wish you were in every city ;).



@plantphilosophy Instagram vegan shopping cart

I just adore this girl. She’s strong, determined and is unapologetic when it comes to being naturally who she wants to be. She’s a plant-based rock star if you ask me and she’s so great at taking us shopping with her when you’ve run out of ideas. Thanks for those innovative recipes!



@foodmatters Instagram quote and blueberry smoothie bowl

The creators of Hungry for Change, a documentary that single handily changed my life, comes Food Matters, a powerhouse couple who shook the food game. If you are an aspiring vegan or want to change your eating habits this account is it. Bringing awareness, one quote at a time sometimes is all it takes.



@alchemybali Instagram green juice

When I lived in Bali for 3 months, this place was on my bucket list. I had been following them for years before I trekked up some serious hills in Ubud just to have their salad. That’s what this account did for me!



@fork.in.the.road Instagram juice bright watermelon

I mean….don’t you just want to bite into that picture? Not only is this lady innovative, but she knows her ISH. Kristina Todini is a Dietitian Nutritionist and traveler whose posts are all about sustainable nutrition and enjoying life and the foods you eat. It’s kinda what we’re all about.



@fullyrawkristina Instagram smiling in Bali with fruits

We all want a glow like that! Kristina manages to make everything shine. Even her smile. Her account is filled with beautiful bold colors of food and outfits that make me never want to leave my own kitchen. Unless it’s to go to a tropical island of course.



@riceandrepeat Instagram hearty salad

Just divine. This is my kinda of lunch or dinner. Carlie Rice is a wellness blogger who we just love. She keeps it real and her account is a replica of an uber health magazine I would definitely subscribe to. A must follow.



@caiirose Instagram poolside fruit flatlay

She’s happy about life, she gets us excited about it too. Her posts are so beautiful natural and a delight to go through. Cailin Rose makes us want to live a wholesome life filled with beautiful adventures where simplicity and minimalism encompass every aspect of our life.



@wild_amanda Instagram fruit smoothie

Scrolling through this beautiful feed I question myself saying “I want that”! We know when you look at this picture you think the same thing. We know! That’s why we thoroughly recommend following this wild woman’s account.



@eatgrain Instagram grain and green salad

When I began following this account I realized just how important it is to incorporate grains with my greens and the variety it lends to my superfood bowls. This account provides an exquisite amount of delectable choice ideas like Buddha bowls, bread, cookies and even pizza. You’ll never run out of ideas with this account.



@berryfitt Instagram strawberry toast

This gem’s account has a slogan #EatTheRainbow. Jasmine’s Insta is plentiful of colors and a wide selection of earthy eats to have anyone question their feasting habits. This account is not only pretty but looks hella flavorful.



@gkstories Instagram berry smoothie bowl

Ahhh. Nothing like a picture perfect smoothie bowl that makes you eager to change your ways. We love David Frankiel because he actually shows his life with food, his adorable kiddies and travel. He’s such an exceptional photographer and vegetarian of sorts that he published his own books. The latest, Green Kitchen At Home.



@jackswifefreda Instagram yogurt bowl goodness

Take me to NYC! That’s where you’ll find this hipster couple’s restaurant. We know you’ll want to go there and try each and everything on the menu once you’ve clicked follow on this Insta account.



@madeleinelumley Instagram smoothie presented

Super yummy shake anyone? Sure, I’ll take 3! In for every meal of the day. If you follow this vegan/graphic designer/food stylist and traveler, you’ll be taken to so many places and want to find a way to get your hands on every dish she posts. It’s just so darn charming.



Photo Source: @caiirose