The Ultimate Pregnancy Glow-Up: The Benefits of Collagen Powder Supplements

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Disclaimer. As you know, I have to preface this by saying, I am not a doctor or physician of any kind. This post is for information purposes only. This is based on my research and my experience only. Everyone is different and should be treated as such while pregnant. 

Please consult with your physician before taking anything while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

If you’re expecting, you’ve probably been wondering what you can take beyond the standard prenatal vitamins. As mothers, even if it’s our first time, we want the best for our bodies which in turn feed our babies. In this post, I will fill you in on the major reasons why collagen was a coveted super supplement during my entire pregnancy. 

While I was pregnant, I did my due diligence and researched everything I put into and on my body like foods, drinks, supplements and skincare and confirmed them with my doctor before taking any of them. 

This is a time when all your habits and routines change. You will develop new ones, but it’s best to optimize them during this time instead of doing the minimum. During my pregnancy, I took a variety of vitamins and superfoods a day, but a collagen supplement was just one of my non-negotiable.

Pregnancy has been the most magical ride I have ever been on. While it is an incredible time in a woman’s life, not all experience it the same way. Pregnancy can be quite strenuous on the body and it can change in remarkable ways. You are growing a whole human inside you and by giving your body the optimal nutrition it needs your baby then takes all it can get too.

The Secret to a Radiant Pregnancy: Collagen Powder Supplements

Ladies, are you ready for the ultimate pregnancy glow-up? Say goodbye to stretch marks, dull hair, and achy joints, and hello to a beautiful pregnancy journey with collagen powder supplements!

But wait, you may be thinking, “What exactly is collagen powder?” Allow me to spill the tea. Collagen powder is a powerhouse powder made from animal sources that contains the essential protein that makes up a large portion of our skin, bones, and connective tissue. As we age, the collagen in our bodies decreases, but with a little help from collagen powder supplements, we can bring back that youthful glow in no time!

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, why should pregnant women take collagen powder supplements?

The Benefits of Collagen Powder Supplement During Pregnancy

Glowing Skin, Luscious Locks, and Beautiful Nails

Pregnancy can often lead to skin stretch marks, brittle nails, and dull hair. The reason for this is that the body is producing more hormones, which can cause these physical changes. Collagen powder supplements can help to support skin, hair, and nail health by providing the body with the essential protein it needs to maintain its structure, beauty and integrity.

Joints and Bones That Can Handle the Bump

Pregnancy can put a lot of stress on our joints and bones, but with collagen powder, we can give our bodies the support it need to handle the growing bump with ease.

Gut Health That’s the Real Deal

Bloating, gas, and constipation, oh my! With collagen powder, we can support our gut health and say goodbye to digestive issues for good. Just a healthy gut that is ready for anything!

Energy That Will Have You Ready to Tackle the Day

Tired from pregnancy? No problem! Collagen powder will give you the energy boost you need to take on the day with ease. Pregnancy can often leave women feeling tired, as the body is working hard to support the growing baby. Collagen powder supplements can help to boost energy levels by providing the body with the protein it needs to function at its best.

Sleep So Sweet, You’ll Dream of Collagen

Pregnancy can disrupt our sleep, but collagen powder is rich in protein and amino acids, it helps to calm the nervous system so we can have sweet dreams and less restless nights.

So, how do we take collagen powder supplements during pregnancy?

 It’s simple! Choose a high-quality collagen powder supplement specifically formulated for pregnant women and take it daily, as directed by a healthcare provider.

If you want to have a radiant pregnancy, collagen powder supplements are the secret weapon you need. With improved skin, hair, and nail health, joint and bone health, gut health, energy levels, and sleep patterns, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some collagen powder and let the pregnancy glow-up begin!

Be Mindful

It’s important to be mindful that not all collagen brands or supplements are good to take, as some like to use synthetics, fillers and preservatives. You always want to check the labels for this beforehand.

For a sure bet, here’s what Philosophie has to say about their products and pregnancy:

Are Philosophie products safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

“We LOVE our Philosophie mamas. Created by Sophie Jaffe when she was pregnant with her first, Philosophie Superfood Blends & Infusions were created with a mother’s needs in mind. The superfoods are specifically created to give you and your growing baby all the nutrients you need throughout your pregnancy and well beyond into the fourth trimester.

For example, Collagen Cosmic Elixir is an excellent superfood to add to your diet as a supplement during pregnancy. It naturally boosts fertility and balances hormones. Liquid chlorophyll also helps support the bodies hydration and cleansing which is needed even more so during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”



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