Don’t Kill My Vibe: How To Keep Negative People Away

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girl feeling the good vibe

Ever notice that sometimes no matter what you do or where you go, there always seems to be someone around you who just comes and tries to kill your vibe? Enlightenment and continued self-development you’re right where you want to be. But somehow you struggle to deal with the negativity that surrounds you at work, the gym, with friends, family or even strangers.

They come in the form of haters, naysayers, complainers and perpetual pessimists who always blame the world. They’re the ones who are never grateful, who typically only like to hear themselves speak and the ones who take all your energy leaving you totally drained.

Regardless of who these people are in your life, bad auras, toxic energy, and negative people will kill your vibe, crush your spirit and can bring you down with them. In fact, some might be secretly smiling when you do. Harsh fact. So ask yourself. Is it worth it to hang on to those who hate? If you want a better life, you have to surround yourself with people who think the same.


Don’t let the bastards get you downRIHANNA


Cheers is my life’s anthem and it should be yours too. But the difference is I feel this in every aspect, any moment and through any struggle. And when I notice getting into a negative state of mind, I’ll consciously change it. Yes, it’s that simple. Here are a few strategies that will help you do just that. However, sticking to them is key!


Keeping Your Good Vibe Alive

Check your circle. It’s best to identify who these people are in our lives that affect our vibe and it could be hard to admit that it’s our close friends or family who bring us down. They are emotionally draining, mentally exhausting or unsupportive. It’s best to keep a good distance or simply let go.

Be selective. After you’ve made the difficult decision to keep those negative people at bay, be selective of who you let in. Don’t get mixed up in someone else’s problems. Misery loves company and some people will latch on to anyone who will listen. There is a difference between dumping emotional nuances and someone who will reciprocate. Choose people who adopt a positive vibe and don’t settle.

Careful what you watch and read. The media is filled with negative messages, some direct and some indirect. The news, movies and so on can alter a positive outlook on life. Change the way you see things and choose a great book to read in the morning versus watching the morning news. This will get your day off to a positive start.


You’re acting like you hurt me but I’m not even listeningSIGRID


Avoid gossip. Gossiping just makes you look bad. It’s for people who are bored with their lives and that’s not you. If you have better things to do, then do them and stay away from judgey (yes I said it) people who have a skewed view on how others should live their lives. Remember, we get back the same kind of energy we put out.

Be accountable. Everything we have, the circumstances, the life, the job the problems are because of us and no one else. Once you take account for your own life and stop blaming the outside world for the things you have and quit being a victim, is when you gain full control. Only positive things can come from that.

Don’t take it personally. Be strong, let the negativity roll off your shoulders or tune it out. Most people just have their own stuff and will dump it on others. In most cases, it’s best to let it go, know your sense of worth and disregard the negative comments and opinions of others. Not giving an *ish about what others think also has a lot to do with it and could be so freeing.


Remember The Successful Ones

Do things that make you feel good, not bad. Negative people tend to be inward focused and neglect those around them. Successful people respect others, master emotional intelligence, learn to stay positive and believe in themselves to conquer obstacles. Their (and our) philosophy is that a challenge is an opportunity. Negativity kills creativity, inspiration and the will to be better. Don’t allow it.