Get Your Yoga Right and Burn Fat with the ‘Yoga Burn Challenge’

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Ican read about Yoga all day long, and I can commit to three classes a week. I am aware of the incredible impact it can have on mind, body and soul. Occasionally, I contemplate eliminating exercise altogether and sticking with yoga. Except, I have yet to experience these wonderful benefits. So what gives?

The struggle lies in the feeling of unfulfilled. There’s a looming gap. Something that I’m still not getting. Have I been going about it the wrong way?

I wasn’t enlightened, never noticed an improvement on my physique and how on earth can Savasana help if I still have trouble meditating? I mean, how do I get this yoga thing right?

People talk about how it has “changed their life” and I want in on that!

That it can help me find my “center” except I haven’t.

I know yoga and even meditation takes a certain amount of dedication for you to truly experience its life-changing benefits. Yet, I am always left with questions like…

“What can yoga truly do for you?”

Health-focused nirvanas like India, Thailand and Bali are yoga meccas for western expats. Living in South East Asia, I’m surrounded by aspiring yogis, abundant natural and organic lifestyle options motivating any junk foodie on a more leaner and healthier path and a simple paradise that allows me the freedom to get into a yoga routine.

My issue has really been in the how? 

How will yoga help me? 

How can I do it without spending a fortune?

I’m not into quick fixes. I want to maintain alignment and improve my meditation. I need depth, I need answers and I believe yoga and meditation will get me back to a place where I will feel empowered, wise and at peace.

Luckily, I came across Yoga Burn Challenge. At first glance, I made the mistake of assuming it was just another common yoga dvd to use at home rather than in class. The first of its kind and exactly what I was looking for.

See what I have been in search of and I’m sure most of you aspiring yogis out there can agree …I wanted to do yoga without the frills and complications of:

  • traveling to a generic class
  • pay an insane amount for monthly passes or even drop-ins
  • injure myself only to have to continue…or give up entirely
  • follow a teacher you don’t connect with
  • the struggle to find a spot in a crowded room
  • gain zero benefits
  • see little physical improvement (a must)

What makes the Yoga Burn Challenge Different

Certified yoga instructor and physical fitness expert trainer Zoe Bray Cotton is the brains behind this brilliant system. Creator of Her Yoga Secrets, a 12-week unique and progressive program designed around a creative approach she developed called Dynamic Sequencing. I realized quickly that this just might actually be my holy grail.

The Yoga Burn Challenge goes beyond physical practice. 

Zoe goes into the 3 mistakes most “women” make when getting into yoga.

Mistake #1

  • relying solely on generic classes (check)
  • people trying poses their body isn’t ready for (check)
  • yoga classes are never tailored to the individual (check!)

Mistake #2

  • thinking that all or any class will distress or relax you
  • it’s not yoga, it’s the idea of rushing to a class, fighting for that spot and worrying if your even doing the moves properly (check)

Mistake #3 

  • a lack of progression, not seeing results or gaining any momentum in terms of results (check)

Here is the best part. There is an answer to this.

A Unique Approach

Zoe Bray Cotton has created an approach called Dynamic Sequencing. This consists of performing the right pose, with the right amount of time, within the right sequence that will allow you to perfectly challenge your body. The focus is essentially an “enjoyable, progressive, results-driven yoga experience.”

Below are three main reasons to get you excites about this product.

It has 3 phases.

Foundational Flow

This beginning phase sets a solid foundation to you get started on the right track to leaner more toned muscles using laser-focused sequences safely and effectively while building that mind-body connection.

Transitional Flow

This second phase allows us to smoothly transition from the first phase to the next that link poses together which target the upper body, core, and lower body. Perfect!

Mastery Flow

Here is where everything we have learned is combined. More repetition designed to get results faster and “reenergize and reinvigorate your mental focus while fully maximizing weight loss.”

If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, she even adds on 3 bonuses to really compliment the entire program. Included are audio classes, a tranquility flow to start the session that will aid in stress relief providing a strong foundation for any mediation beginner and a Yoga Burn monthly series that will get you on the path of learning all types of yoga such as Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar. This last one is amazing as it prepares you to masterfully execute each style of yoga.

Benefits of Using Yoga Burn

Here are the results anyone can benefit from:

  • improvement on your mental focus
  • stamina
  • overall leaner and toned physique
  • weight loss
  • progressive
  • fun
  • easy
  • you don’t need to travel to classes, you can do this from home or anywhere once you learn the poses and sequence
  • you never have to pay crazy prices for regular classes or even drop-ins
  • injure yourself or give up entirely
  • you become your own teacher (totally empowering)
  • improvement in your physical appearance and mental health
  • geared towards both newbies or instructors
  • mostly geared towards women
  • consistent effort and dedication to see any results (as with anything in life)
  • you are performing yoga alone unless you are doing it with a friend or maybe even a bunch of friends

Since discovering this program I am well on my way to getting back to yoga but with a greater purpose and more focused approach to find my centre, feel empowered and physically fit. If there is anything that drew me in about this program it was that. The Yoga Burn Challenge will get you losing weight, transform your physique and gain better mental clarity.

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