Natural Skincare Brands That Will Bring Your Beauty Back

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You’ve probably been wondering all along what’s caused your skin to hate you so? Maybe spending so many dreadful hours, days weeks and for some–years has got you ready to give up looking for what works and what’s been wreaking havoc on your skin.

Is it the climate, hormones, food? Or is it crazy to question the products were using? For some of us, we either are oblivious or turn a blind eye to those so-called luxury brands out there. But the sad truth might be that what you think is helping your skin, is actually hurting it.

Rather than spend a few more years dabbling in trial and error, maybe it’s time to face that coveted skincare shelf and ask yourself how much of what you use is natural?

Do you dream of dewy glowing skin, or walking out of the house with little to no makeup? The beauty of “going natural” is that your skin adapts more to nature-based ingredients. Many plant-concentrated properties, in fact, mimic the oil and structure of our skin allowing it to heal, moisturize and balance as it should. A natural skincare regime is the closest and best thing to get you luminous skin, minimizing your makeup and maximizing your smile.

We’ve listed just some of the best natural brands we know and love to get you started.

Each line is born and bred from the same mission – to achieve effortlessly radiant skin and getting your beauty back. You’ll be happy to know that each line is created with natural ingredients, cold-pressed, organic and without fillers, parabens, synthetics, and fragrances.


Youth To The People 

“Like green juice for your skin,” this kale and spinach infused skincare couldn’t be more fitting.

When two cousins Greg Gonzalez + Joe Cloyes applied and modernized their grandma’s vision for today’s health-conscious and informed consumer, a vegan skincare line was born.

With ingredients like kale, spinach, green tea, alfalfa and spirulina, their mission to incorporate the benefits of superfood + science is all about “being authentic, unique and extraordinary in everything they do.”




Super cool Seattle couple Julia + Alex founded and crafted Herbivore from their kitchen. What makes a product so powerful is that “every ingredient included is there for a specific therapeutic reason/purpose.” Fluff out the fillers, slash out the hype and you’ll end up with Herbivore, a natural based skincare line with a soul. Cultivated with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals for a “skincare ritual that should be enjoyed.”




This lovely Toronto based brand is devoted to 100% natural skincare. All handmade small batches with simple, pure, and easy to understand ingredients developed to lend “peace of mind when you put it on face and body.”




A “luxurious line of holistic, high-performance skincare boasting organic, wild-crafted and sustainably grown ingredients for gorgeous results.” Need we say more?




Sarah created Pai for people like her who struggle with sensitive skin and for anyone looking to regain confidence and take control of their skin woes. Pai understands that when you eliminate all the unnecessary contents that irritate, you are left with simple, clean, pure ingredients that will leave your skin calm, clear and happy.



Province Apothecary

Crafted in small batches and hand blended, this luxurious brand seeks simplicity and effectiveness using only the highest quality and certified organic ingredients. To them, “natural beauty means a pledge to help clients feel good.” For us, it’s where can I buy?




Artisanal producer of natural handcrafted organic oils and superfoods sourced from around the world. Evolving the natural skincare world, the founder personally travels to the Amazon to produce and deliver a superior line that will have you love your skin again by utilizing what nature has given us.



Honest Skincare

Believe that less is more, be good and honest with yourself and know that nature provides us with all that we need to nourish, restore, protect and heal our selves and our skin is the Honest ethos. Their product ranges are to Calm, Balance, and Nourish and packaging simple, biodegradable and reusable allowing for minimal waste.




Australian skincare company created by Zöe Foster longtime beauty editor. Go-To was developed from years of writing products reviews, so her quest to make uncomplicated, effective, cruelty-free natural skincare was a natural progression. Their belief to harness the benefits of nature using a “no faux science” approach and “no silly claims” makes us love them that much more.



Skinny & Co.

Quite possibly all you ever need is, of course, coconut oil. We say this because coco oil is literally the mother of all-purpose beauty. But choosing the right oil is the what makes the difference between pure and refined. Skinny & Co. ensures their coconut oil is 100% RAW, pure, wild-harvested, sustainably sourced, small batch, chemical free, preservative free, never heated, handcrafted and pH balanced. If you decide to travel in the future, you might want to make this brand your new best friend.