Why We Should All Hale to Kale

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Leaves all ruffled and color so bright, the unique earthy flavor is what we crave. Dubbed a superfood, kale is a nutrient powerhouse that has been around long before it was recognized or plastered across mainstream “health” menus. Kale is and forever will be deliciously chic, bountiful in all its glory and anything but trending. In fact, to claim a particular food is trending can denote its livelihood temporary and dead in the water post-hype.

Even with more pressure on the farming industry, “the queen of greens” is definitely here to stay. Ubiquitous and waiting to satisfy, good food should always be IN.


What Do You Do With It?

Satiating, comforting, versatile and a guilt-free pleasure, kale changes the salad game and takes it to a whole new level. Times have changed, where so many wellness enthusiasts and eateries are finding new, creative and epic ways to create rich culinary salad masterpieces. Kale could also be added to your smoothies or baked into chips.

If you’re new to kale or love it as much as we do – check out Fifty Shades of Kale for more inspiration. 

Kale belongs to the Brassica group, (broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts family) and has four popular varieties.

  1. Curly kale – most common, green, indeed curly and subjectively bitter but not really
  2. Lacinto kale – or Dinosaur kale is narrow, dark green and wrinkly
  3. Redbor kale – just as pretty and curly as green except purple, use to be used for garnish until kale’s rise to popularity
  4. Russian (Siberian) kale – not as common, flat, fringed leaves, subtly sweet with a hint of pepper, just as delicious

Just a small tip. Whichever variety of kale you choose to bless your fridge with, make sure you always cut the hard stems all the way up leaving only the leaves.

The benefits of kale are bigger than its bite. Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise. Here are a few wicked advantages to eating this miracle green. You’ll thank us later.


Benefits of Kale

Rich in vitamins E – with over 40 polyphenols

Anti-inflammatory – has an omega 3:6 ratio of essential fatty acids

Antioxidants – vitamin C, counters the damage caused by free radicals or “oxidative stress”

Detox – natural way to eliminate toxins from the body

Vitamin A – cancer prevention, promotes healthy vision and skin

Vitamin K and calcium – natural way to treat osteoporosis, key role in preventing blog clotting and excessive bleeding

High in fiber, folate, magnesium and zero fat

Rich in iron – essential for optimal health, proper liver function and more


Good Food Is ‘IN’

While kale might have been obscure in the past, it definitely has surpassed trend status and were replacing it with conscious consumerism. Read, taste and then decide. In the end, it’s important to always have a healthy attitude, so if that means blueberries are your drug of choice, great! But if it’s Kale, we salute you!