The Organic Brand That’s Bringing Basic Back In A Big Way

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Organic Basics Pink Bra

The revolution will not be televised. But it will be written. Small boutique brands today are making radical changes looking to revolutionize the apparel industry. One in particular making headway is Organic Basics. A sustainable ethos for greener products with an encompassing goal to salvage clothes, rebuild our eco-system and transform the fashion landscape with minimal design, and one-off palettes are becoming a force of nature. And we want in!

Here’s the dilemma. The fashion industry and the supply chain has a pretty bad rap for its damaging practices. Most of us (myself included) give into the world of fast fashion. But doing so has consequences.

Just to name a few:

  • “We send 13 trillion tons of our clothes to landfills in the U.S. alone where they sit for 200 years leaving toxic chemicals and dyes to contaminate local soil and groundwater.” (1)
  • “The fashion industry’s CO2 emissions are projected to increase by more than 60% to nearly 2.8 billion tons per year by 2030.” (2)
  • Hana Ben-Shabat, vice president for a management consulting firm that works with fashion industry suppliers, stated that “being green and ethical is no longer an option, it is [an economic] necessity.”


The journey to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there. With health.

In this case, ignorance is not bliss. The evidence indicates how vital it is to consider all factors in which we contribute to our planet as consumer and citizen. Even big chains like H&M are jumping on the bandwagon with their Conscious clothing line. The insane and erratic climate changes, the abundance of waste and incessant need for instant gratification has got me worried. So, it’s time to make some adjustments. In my closet.

Luckily, there are people and brands who are changing the game. Organic Basics, a Copenhagen-based line has entered the fashion world making it easier and frankly, cool to consume more eco-friendly products that actually have us swooning.


Organic Basics Black Bra
Photo credit: Organic Basics


A Brand with a Conscious. 

Before the brand, was the desire. Where a group of four individuals banded together to…

dream green, challenge ourselves and make a difference


Even with diverse backgrounds, they acknowledged that buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced big brands was not sustainable for the environment. While trying to stay humble, they decided to change the poor standards of production and develop greener products for the urban consumer.

The goal was to keep things local and reduce their carbon footprint but to also create classic top-drawer pieces that last longer, breathable and minimize laundry days.

So why does a simple fashion brand like Organic Basics stand out from the rest?

  • Clothes are consciously created and designed to last
  • Their products are made with GOTS certified organic and sustainable cotton where the ethical standards start with “harvesting all the way to labeling”
  • Packaging is recycled, reusable paper
  • Made with Silvertech – Polygiene™ technology for breathable, heat regulating, antibacterial, moisture wicking material. Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Clothes stay fresher longer with odor control to minimize laundry days. Seamless knitting makes undergarments light, soft, better look, fit and comfortable
  • They make basic look better


Organic Basics Packs
Photo Credit: Organic Basics


Simplicity Is The New Sexy

Being based in Paris has really made me see how laid-back staples, a neutral palette, simplicity, and elegance are the new sexy. It’s about how an effortless look makes a greater impact. We all know Parisians are well known for putting together a well thought out but chic outfit all while looking au natural and never overdone. Refusing to follow trends but rather setting them. In France, simplicity is favored.

Since being here, I have become more intent on keeping it simple but conscientious when choosing my clothes. European brand house Organic Basics caught my eye and I couldn’t turn away. Their pretty yet sustainable materials are designed with cruelty-free methods and a code of ethics that made me question the life cycle of my entire wardrobe.

With a minimalist objective, I rely on either a combination of feminine prints with a bohemian flair or opt for straight contemporary lines sticking with two tones and soft, breathable, quality fabrics. I believe in comfort over complicated. Selecting my undergarments are no different and usually coordinating colors with my outfit to enhance a more feminine silhouette is my go-to.

My order included:

1 Rose Triangle Bra
2 Black Thongs
1 Women’s Black T-Shirt
1 Tote
1 Mug


Organica Basics Silvertech
Photo credit: Organic Basics


So What Makes Organic Basics Not So Basic?

The European line is separated into two categories of fabric. The ingenious Silvertech line is distinct for its Polygiene™ technology woven into the material, designed for a more active lifestyle and essentially what makes this line so special. Dirt doesn’t absorb, prolonging the life of your basics. In other words, expect antibacterial underwear made to last.  

The products from which I ordered is from their Organic Cotton line. Made from long fiber sustainable organic cotton, the basic colors allow me to mix and match and coordinate with everything in my closet. The comfort alone is heavenly with fabric so soft it feels like butter on the skin. 

I ditched the plastic and so should you. When planning for a long day out, getting practical and eco-friendly with the Organic Basics Tote is brilliant. Made of the same GOTS 100% cotton, it’s light yet durable, soft and the perfect addition to any minimalist outfit.


Give me more. Why the hype?

To start off, the fabric and fit are incredibly comfortable. The styles are simple yet classic and strike the perfect balance between sexy and sporty. With individual pieces at affordable prices, you can save 20% when you purchase their packs where you can group items together that you need the most.

For women, more importantly, wearing comfortable underwear that hugs the most intimate parts of your body with fabric that does not irritate or prevent airflow should be considered. This goes for men too.

Melissa Goist, MD explains that cotton undergarments are preferred due to its breathability while any synthetic materials hold onto moisture which in turn causes skin irritation.


My Style Is On The Sexy, Trendy and Wild Side. This Still isn’t For Me Right?

Wrong. Regardless of the style that sets your tone, if you value comfort, then sticking with the basics is sometimes better. And if you’re like me and you live an active urban lifestyle, Organic Basics has you covered. Beautifully.


Slow Movement For a Lasting Change

The movement of “slow fashion” is not trending and will only evolve.

Jessica Navas, chief planning officer at Erwin Penland explains that “the definition of fashion is forward-thinking, innovative and fast-moving,” not just about revolving trends.

Organic Basics is a brand which represents that very definition. They are ahead of the curve and I think we’ll be seeing more of them lately as their styles are here to stay. While cotton is admittedly a fashion production nightmare, their dedication to making a difference with technology-infused clothing designed to make you feel good and quality and ethics as their driving force, well then I think we’re on a promising path towards healing the planet and not harming it.


Tell us, what’s your favorite eco-friendly clothing brand?