Eat, Think & Live Green!

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@theserenagoh eat think and live green

Going green, or eating clean are terms you’ve possibly heard before and are likely wondering what on earth that even means? Well, it’s exactly that. It’s a sustainable way of living where one is conscious and aware of what to eat and how to take care of the environment in the process.

Green living is a state of mind, a lifestyle and a mindful connection of our bodies and our ecosystem.  It’s how we take care of both and easier than you think.

Living our daily lives with the intention and spirit to care for our bodies and the planet is not only a responsibility but an obligation. Eliminating all processed and chemical laden foods and products from your fridge and cupboard is just the beginning of thinking green and living clean. In the end, it’s a choice to be happy and healthy.


Eating Healthy and Consciously
  • Supply your body with organic plant-based foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes and supplements for a balanced life. The greener the better.
  • Adopt a clean diet full of superfoods rich in quality and nutrient dense
  • Consume sustainable foods that coincide and respect nature
  • Being conscious of where our food comes from, how it is grown, cultivated and being aware as it goes in our body
  • Buy locally grown produce
  • Eat healthy for less
  • Reduce meat consumption
  • Ditch the GMO foods


Being Eco-Friendly 
  • Embrace practices that have little to zero negative impact on the environment now and in the future
  • Seek ethically sourced products or natural ingredients
  • Be conscious of materials and how to dispose of them. Go paperless or use reusable bags to shop
  • Switch to eco-friendly products. Stick to fair trade or organic
  • Minimize all forms of waste
  • Reduce greenhouse gases. Ride a bike or use the transit system
  • Conserve water. Turn water off when not in use, switch to cold water, carry a glass or metal water bottle with you instead of buying plastic bottles
  • Buy less of unwanted things
  • Reduce use of toxic chemicals. Read labels
  • Be cognizant of earth’s natural resources and habitats
  • Understand biodiversity along human culture and communities
  • Work with nature to have a harmonious environment
  • Do not pollute – pick up trash or throw it away
  • Recycle, Compost, Donate or Sell it


Creating a lifestyle that works with nature not against it is in harmonious alignment with living with a healthy planet and body.



Photo credit: @theserenagoh