Chlorophyll And Why It’s Insanely Good For You

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You already know how much we adore Kale and among other wonder greens, they are the healthiest foods on the planet. Supercharged with nutrients and feel-good essentials for your body, one of the main and vital components of these green plants are what are referred to as the “blood of the plants” or chlorophyll.

For its vegetal life, chlorophyll’s dark green hues are responsible for the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis but for us humans, it’s instrumental in good health.

The facts are that chlorophyll’s mighty benefits are likely unparalleled and it uses ever so simple. Apart from being a contributor to glowing skin and well being, it’s the rich green pigments that make this one of the prettiest drinks you’ll consume. Liquid chlorophyll is versatile and wait for it……a total bargain.




Probably the ultimate benefit of chlorophyll is its ability to detox the body effortlessly and effectively. As a powerful antimicrobial, chlorophyll cleanses the blood and eliminates fungus, candida or bacteria lingering in the intestines. Chlorophyll also contains detoxifying enzymes that help the liver release toxins and accumulation that result in many ailments.

A soft cleanse will improve digestion, lead to better weight control and lessen the chances of possible sinusitis, pancreatitis and kidney stones.

If that isn’t good enough, Chlorophyll has been shown to bind to potential carcinogens and prevents them from being absorbed and circulated throughout the body. Oh, and it gets better.


Internal Deodorant

The payoff of chlorophyll’s detoxifying effect is that it controls most bodily odors acting as a natural deodorant. Poor digestive health and weak oral hygiene are one leading cause bad breath. Chlorophyll not only can calm inflamed or bleeding gums but will help restore oral health and improve your smell naturally. We all want that, don’t we?


Protects Skin

Thanks to its antiviral effects, chlorophyll is known to be the plant pigment that heals. It can speed up the recovery time for healing open wounds and lowers inflammation caused by injuries.

With a plentiful source of vitamins A, C, E, and K, vital minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and essential fatty acids and antioxidants, chlorophyll is a powerful approach in preventing cells from oxidative damage by eliminating free radicals and in turn healthy skin.


Supports Red Blood Cells

While chlorophyll works on detoxing, it simultaneously replenishes red blood cells which are crucial for well being as it carries oxygen throughout the body. This keeps your lungs healthy, your body alkalized, good for brain function and much more.

Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is almost identical to the hemoglobin and provides a rapid delivery of magnesium boosting energy and increasing well being. Our bodies rely on these very basic yet fundamental elements to support proper metabolic function.


How To Take Chlorophyll

Go green is our motto and you can’t go any greener than liquid chlorophyll. A deep emerald tone with plenty of goodness makes this supplement so easy to take.

For quicker results and better absorption, liquid chlorophyll is best to take in the morning on an empty stomach or following a full glass of water. 1 tablespoon in a glass of purified water is optimal.

To increase flavor and double its health properties try these desired methods.

  1. Adding a squeezed slice of lemon not only is insanely alkalizing but tastes so refreshing
  2. A few slices of cucumber and some fresh mint is incredibly hydrating and light on the taste buds

If you’re starting for the first time, we always recommend getting the unflavoured Chlorophyll. To make things easy, we’ve included a few brands for a smooth and quick start.


Liquid Chlorophyll Drops


Natural Liquid Chlorophyll


Chlorophyll Flavoured Water


A secondary option is to consciously consume chlorophyll-rich foods such as:

  • spinach
  • parsley
  • watercress
  • green beans
  • arugula
  • leeks
  • endive
  • sugar snap peas
  • Chinese cabbage
  • kiwi
  • apples
  • pears


Some Things To Be Aware Of

Depending on the state of your health or digestive system, some common effects could possibly include digestive changes, diarrhea or green/yellow/black stool. This is not limiting and it is important to note any changes and/or consult with your doctor.


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