5 Ways Juicing Can Save Your Health

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For those who don’t know, long ago I had the nasty habit of smoking. In my mid twenties I reached a point of total disgust and quit. This achievement led me to be the healthy person I am today. It has been a little over 10 years and I have yet to so much as lay my precious fingers on a c*stick. I sometimes forget I was a smoker. Pretty wild looking back.

Additionally to say the least, I suffered from a whole host of issues. Acid reflux or any digestion-related ailment you can possible think of, skin imperfections, weight gain, bloating, horrible circulation and just a lack of proper nutrients that not even a multivitamin could help. Seeing as I had inconsistent digestion issues nothing would absorb properly.

What proceeded after that was my realization that I had to cleanse my body of all those accumulated toxins. I wanted to try something different. Nothing radical, but I wanted a healthy body and to attempt something other than the typical detox methods that I had previously done. I wanted a jump-start on boosting my immune system and getting me on the right track to correctly cleaning my system. I wanted a body that can heal itself and accelerate the repair process from the years of torment I put it through.

Juicing was the answer.

I grew so invested in my health. I wanted to make the most out of life. I didn’t start blindly. I researched each and every fruit, vegetable, grain, seed and bean to fully understand its benefits and appreciate how it can help me through my journey of healing and repairing. I made juicing my multi-vitamin.

Here’s an excellent guide that I refer back to every time.


Whether you are considering a full cleanse, or just incorporating it towards a healthy lifestyle, it is important to know your body’s limits, or consult with your physician before you begin. If you are doing a cleanse, go about it the right way. 

I started with Dr. Oz’s 3-day cleanse which was doable especially as a newbie yet incredibly effective. His 3 day cleanse not only introduces you to the foundational ingredients but is compact with all the nutrients you need for  thorough healthy cleanse. 

Keep in mind, ‘juicing’ can be done with a blender but key note, with the right  blender. The difference lies in fibre extraction. Using a top performing blender like the Vitamix, you can blend, juice, soup, whatever your heart desires. You still get all the fibre, making a whole food nutritious all-in-one meal. 

Both methods are just fine for a proper juice cleanse.

When we eat foods in its natural raw state, we maximize its countless benefits. Juicing provides you with whole, clean and nutrient dense foods that nourish our bodies on a cellular level. Whole foods are packed with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and a variety of healthy carbohydrates and protein.

The most important aspect of adopting a more plant based routine is that juicing is bioavailable. Meaning the consumption of nutrients are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and also allowing your body to fully and properly flush your body and your organs of harmful man-made toxins. A healthy gut leads to a healthy body and mind.

For me, the answer was simple. Benefits included a glowing complexion, strengthened immune system, proper heart function, circulation, disease prevention, clarity of mind, less bloating, internal deodorizer, weight maintenance and a list that could on for days. It was indisputable.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity HIPPORATES

Here are 5 reasons why juicing will be the single most kick-ass life altering choice you’ll ever make towards living a more health-conscious and well-balanced life.

Begin mindful eating

If you are someone who wants to be healthy but just wouldn’t know what to do, juicing is by far the best way to go. Just learning about the robust section of amazing ingredients is a great catalyst. Take it from me, who felt exactly as you do now, healthy doesn’t have to mean boring.

Being mindful of what you consume daily will empower you. When you are mindful you start to realize that you are the driver of your own life. That you are no longer a slave to food. That food isn’t just fuel, but it can be so much fun to discover a whole other world of meal options. Being mindful will dramatically impact your health for the better.

Lose weight

Do you know how much lighter you will feel when you consume whole organic and clean foods? Especially while ridding your body of all those accumulated toxins? When you juice, you’re breaking everything down to its essential nutrients just as you would when you chew and then digest. Your organs are not pressured into working twice as hard, as it recognizes the food as natural and necessary rather than foreign.

Many foods contain enzymes that boost and increase your metabolism making it that much easier to lose the extra weight you might have been longing to forgo.

It’s important to be aware that you might go through many ups and downs physically and emotionally. Cleanse safely and be mindful taking care of your body at any stage, in order to keep the weight off.

Energy – Performance – Anti-aging 

A proper consumption of healthier foods will undoubtedly provide you with elevated energy, clarity, enhanced performance and increase your productivity.

When it comes to fruit most people discuss sugar but underestimate the insane abundance of antioxidants that significantly delay the aging process both in endurance and stamina but also physically.


Plenty of foods heal. Just knowing some of the properties of one fruit or vegetable and incorporating that into your diet or smoothie is going to make a world of difference in your health.

Foods like bananas (healthy bones), yogurt (probiotic, healthy gut), lemon (alkalizing, balance), ginger (anti-inflammatory), cabbage (metabolism), figs (fibre, cleanse), oranges (antioxidant), are just the beginning.


When I started juicing, this is where I started. I did a whole 3 day smoothie/juice cleanse, and nothing else. Boy was it hard at first. But it was the best thing I ever did and it changed everything. It somehow plants a seed in your mind, where from that point on you slowly eliminate or completely refuse harmful foods back into your diet. Since then I’ve done it once a year.

A co-worker asked me what I had been doing to lose weight and why I looked like I was glowing. I told her as I didn’t realize that it had made such an impact. At least I didn’t realize how noticeable it was to others. But she did it and thanked me for it.

Contrary to what others might say or think. It is impossible to debunk the simple fact that to detox is to clean. Rid your body of the toxicity that has been accumulating should come natural to us. We can go years with build up going undetected because there aren’t always straight forward, clear signs that say so.

Think about it this way. If you owned a Mercedes Benz, which some of you might. Would you not get the engine flushed or would you not maintain it at all? No, you would probably be meticulous about how it looks how it runs and to make sure its well taken care of. So, why wouldn’t you do that for own your body? I know that matters to me more than any car out there!

If you want to get started juicing today, I recommend Marvé Juice and pressed juicery. They are passionate about what they do, firm ethos in improving health. They both come with a small caveat. You just might get hooked at how tasty they are.

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Ritual Multivitamin Ingredients

Stay Balanced with Supplements

When you complete a cleanse, you will experience improvements in your health, usually followed by a profound spiritual actualization. You begin to feel the powerful connection between your body and the impact food has on your individual body. 

It’s important during this time to respect your body, listen to it and go slow once you are done. Don’t stuff your face with foods you’ve been day dreaming about, but rather focus on continuing and pursuing eating habits derived in nutritious and health accelerating properties.

Sounds good? 

Let’s get you familiar with some really wonderful but essential supplements that will assist the detoxification process, repair tissue, reduce the amount of stress our body has been through prior the detox and help you fill the gaps of what you might be lacking in vitamins and minerals, during and after your juice cleanse.

One thing I want to emphasize. I am a firm believer in supplements, but I love to take them in various forms, such as easy to swallow clean pills, tinctures, powders, liquids or teas. Supplements that are clean, bioavailable and easy for the body to absorb are always my main source.

Ora Organic | Enzymes + Probiotics

Organic, sustainable nutrients from real food is the perfect supplement to compliment any detox or cleanse and thereafter. The two most important are a probiotic and digestive enzymes mostly from pineapple and papaya.

Trust Your Gut – Vegan organic Probiotic Powder 

Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Powder 

Ritual | Multivitamin

Known as the “multivitamin reinvented for women”yet anyone can benefit from a supplement ritual made of clean and essential vitamins. Ritual vitamins work hard to  maintain energy, immunity and skin by embodying 20+ essential nutrients you need in bioavailable forms your body actually use.

Ritual Multivitamin

Sakara | Probiotic + Teas

Sakara’s probiotics and teas are truly unique and a cult favourite for a reason. Why you ask?

Their Daily Probiotic Blend is specially formulated to promote bloat-free digestion, weight-loss, hormone balance and clear skin. Guess what else…?

Their blend includes systemic enzymes that cleanse the body of candida. A key function in maintaining a healthy gut flora. 

Sakara’s teas are so good, they’ve been featured in Vogue. More importantly, they gently assist the body’s natural cleansing system and encourage proper digestion. The perfect compliment to any cleanse, best taken morning or night.

Sakara Daily Probiotic Blend

Sakara Detox Tea

Sakara Digestive Tea

Order Sakara and experience the power of plant-based nutrition on your health


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