Tulum, a love affair

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At first sight, Tulum struck me as “my type” of place. I guess you can call it love. I was intrigued. Reading one blog post after another, I had to see this place for myself. Mexico had always been my most favored place in the world so it seemed like a no-brainer to start my wanderlust there.

When ending the best romantic relationship of my life, (yep, huge bummer) I knew that the only way to move on would be to lust over something else instead of someone else. My object of attention and affection would be an environment that sets my creativity in motion and makes me forget the love I had.

I was headed for a new beginning, drastic change and completely freaked out. I needed a tranquil mind and I wanted to live simply. To rest worry-free. I was in desperate search for a life not as complicated as we make it out to be. A life without constraint, borders, time restrictions and above all, societal expectations of what it means to be a thirty-something in this day and age.

Discovering Alignment

Mexico was the place that brought me down to earth. Unfailingly enamoured by the cuisine, the culture and the community, it had this uncanny ability to make me feel at ease. I was in need for some vitamin SEA and I knew that this Mexican locale could offer everything I was looking for.

What always drew me in was the exclusivity. Where jungle meets pristine waters. Everything I read about Tulum was about the more hidden places. Bloggers praised hot spots like Hartwood, Posada Margherita, Gitano, and Nomad. Well, eager traveler while those places are quite exquisite they are well hidden and just a small part of what Tulum has to offer. There was more than meets the eye and now that I was “involved” I was determined to discover more.

My stay was in a not so luxurious condo in the town but was grateful as it afforded me the ability to check out all of Tulum.

See, those noteworthy spots are great and definitely worth going to, but what most people forget to mention is that it’s far from town, albeit a definite trek to the beach. Prices are steep and now they’ve added reservations to the mix. What? No, thanks. Skipping those places allowed me to see Tulum in all its glory. To experience the lesser known gems and bask in the beauty that encompasses the most beautiful part of Mexico.

Unbreakable Bonds

Last but not least are the unforgettable friendships I made here. The first thing I do when I get to a new destination is to drop my bags at my hotel and then explore! The best part of being a wanderer, literally, is you get to know the area quickly, see things you would otherwise miss and liaise with the locals around you. I find this really helps me connect with the place I am visiting on a much deeper level.

While my fling was short and sweet, this wonderful place and the people in it have enriched my life in multiple ways. It’s magical. In the end, wherever you go, you will see more and more what is possible.

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