7 Reasons Vitamix Is A Special Blender Unlike the Rest

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Have you been wondering what all the hype is about when it comes to juicing, blending, and cold-pressed concoctions?

You want to start eating healthy but you are lost, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? I hear you, I get it. I was once there. I didn’t understand, nor did I care. Until the day I firmly made the commitment to change my life around. I became self aware of my body, and my eating habits. That’s when I discovered the magic of juicing and the how invaluable a blender can really be.

Maybe you were like me who thought that only the affluent could really afford a health-conscious lifestyle because they were the only ones who could afford it. I was constantly under the impression that to eat right you have to pay the price.

Boy, was I wrong. With the right knowledge, research and conviction to want to live longer and healthier, I have come to understand the term, eat to live.

I was in the dark when it came to eating natural foods, organic and from the ground as mother nature intended rather than the boxed processed junk we consume daily. I was naive and more invested in what my Saturday night looked like. It was for that I payed the price. I neglected to listen to my body when it rejected the horrific foods I was eating.

Not surprising.

Today it seems as though we are burdened and over exposed to an abundant selection of processed goods that when it comes to hunger, we literally do not know the difference between what is unhealthy and/or harmful and what is good and healing.

I think food is one of our greatest gifts. An asset, yet we abuse it.

How is it that we are supposed to be more advanced today than ever before, except so many of us are still completely unaware of the distress and danger we put our bodies through?

I’m here to tell you that being healthy can be easy and not as hard or expensive as you think. Or even complicated. The idea for me and how I keep it simple (K.I.S.S.) is that I stick to CLEAN eating. One of the best and most proven ways to accomplish this is through juicing or cooking with the Vitamix.

Healthy Made Simple & Fun

In my opinion, the Vitamix is revolutionary. It does everything a blender and juicer can do in one along with countless of other recipes such hot soups, baby food, flours and doughs, nut butters, non-dairy milks, frozen desserts, batters, dressings and sauces, dips and spreads, and any kind of food prep like mincing garlic, chopping carrots or grating parmesan. The only difference is, it’s not a ‘juicer.’ It’s more.

What You Can Make With Vitamix

The Cadillac of Blenders

  • Tiny hardened stainless steel blades for more controlled, faster and smoother blends, breaking down the hardest ingredients.
  • A motor that delivers torque and cool temperature to process any ingredient.
  • A uniquely controlled vortex that systematically folds ingredients back into the blade.
  • Speed control to create any texture. No more clumps and chucks in your smoothie or soups.
  • Can chop, grind, puree or whole food juicing.

Whether you’re single, a busy mom of four, body builder or just starting the gym, this blender will save you so much time and an incredible motivator to get you on a healthier lifestyle. Seriously, you’re eating habits will shift dramatically after using the Vitamix.

Here is the one I highly recommend.

7 more reasons why this is the best investment you’ll ever make.

Optimal Nourishment and Flavour

Programmed to optimize your nutrition intake and optimize flavours in one blend. Designed to maintain the superfoods integrity and composition to benefit and absorb as much as possible.

Precision Blend

While juicing is a great option, I find dealing with the pulp kind of a hassle, and I HATE to waste. Juicing essentially removes the fibres were the Vitamix pulverizes and keeps the fibres but breaks it down into a smooth texture. The turbo extractor blades breaks down the cell walls to make nutrients bioavailable. You can’t say that about your typical blender. Blending simply crushes everything down into liquid form.

Cook Less

To be honest, this is one of my most favourites reasons why I love using the Vitamix. I get to eat more fruits and veggies in once serving while creating recipes that take half the time without turning on the oven. Not to mention incorporating raw foods into my diet has dramatically improved my health.

Not Limited to Smoothies

I like options, especially when it comes to food. As mentioned above, with the A3500 Smart System Vitamix you are not limited to juices, smoothies or even dips but can now be used to make hot soups. A shortcoming most blenders possess. 

Reduces your Clean Up Time by Half

I love how they keep the customers use in mind. No matter your lifestyle you can be productive and not wasteful. In addition, having a full meal in one glass with minimal clean up is a godsend. The Vitamix has a self-cleaning mechanism. Just blend soap and warm water at the highest speed and watch it self-clean in 60 seconds. 

Blend n’ Go

In a hurry and need to go? No problem, gather all your ingredients the night before, store in the refrigerator. The next morning, snap on the Blending Cups and your on your way in minutes with a complete nutritional breakfast. Convenience at its finest.

Ease of use.

Equipped with simple manual or automated controls for even the trickiest of recipes. Every Vitamix machine comes with a tamper t efficiently process stubborn blends This bad boy does all the work for you. When it comes time to clean, simply wash, rinse and store away.

If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice Conan O’Brien

Quality with you in mind

One thing to note is that because these machines are so powerful it carries various quality unlike the rest. The noise level can be high to moderate depending on your machine and tolerance. But that’s with any blending machine. The difference with Vitamix is they strive to design long-lasting motors with…

“perfect airflow circulation around the motor, precisely channeling a controlled amount of air to the places that need it most. The result is a quieter, more reliable motor that will serve you for years to come.”

However, if you’re really averse to the sounds of a blender, Vitamix sells a higher ticketed blender called ‘The Quiet One’ which comes with a sound reduction shield. Locations vary.

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out their Blender Recommender page that will get you feeling good about which one will serve you best.


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