22 Epic Vegan Restaurants That’ll Make You Convert: The Toronto Guide (2022)

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We love making it easy to eat mindfully and healthy. Easing the stress of choosing plant-based restaurants with a wholesome organic menu when scouring Toronto’s food scene is what we’re good at. We can no longer make excuses that healthy plant-based food is scarce and expensive.

Whether you’re a local or tourist, Toronto is a bountiful hub for all the glorious vegan/vegetarian restaurants you thought were only accessible overseas hipster joints.

You know, those beautiful, perfectly filtered posts of smoothie bowls or savoury vegan waffles that drape your Insta feed? Yeah, those. This list has them.

We’re sharing our curated guide of the top vegan and vegetarian restaurants that grace Toronto’s finest districts. Whether you’re a vegan or flexitarian, want upscale dining or looking to satisfy that sweet tooth without feeling guilty, this list will keep you occupied and probably converted. 

We’re not into trying to convince anyone to switch over to plant-based entirely, but making a point to check out the most talked about venues in the Toronto food circuit will likely get any reluctant omnivore thinking about their food choices.


Since the creation of this ultimate guide to vegan restaurants in Toronto, there have been a lot of closures thanks to the pandemic. However, this also encouraged the blossoming of new and more health-based, eco-focused eateries. Bookmark this post, as we’ve updated our list making it the ultimate reference point for 2022 and will continue to be, so you can always refer back.

Plant Lyfe Cafe

Nuzzled in Leslieville along Queen East, Lyfe Studio found a home. Lyfe is a meditation Studio, Cafe and they sell Mindful retail store. At first glance, this place looked like a replica of a Bali cafe, and we were right. You will find beautiful kitchenware imported from Indonesia and many other high-quality holistic products sure to get you on the right track. Their cafe is 100% plant-based and a perfect combination of coffees, smoothies, smoothie bowls and lunch

Worth converting for – Dragon Smoothie Bowl


Plant-based, whole foods and real ingredients are what make so many Torontonians flock to this corner spot in Kensington Market. Their mission for offering the best healthy and organic ingredients is as admirable as their eco-friendly mission.

Worth converting for – Llama Bowl

Photos courtesy of @freshrestaurants


Their new location on Front is swoon-worthy, but their menu is equally delectable. I kid you not, this was the place that converted me. Their menu is so undeniably satisfying and tasty, you’ll be saying meat––what? 

Worth converting for – Eat Your Greens Salad + Rainbow Smoothie

Parka Food Co.

Just like your parka fills your body with warmth, Parka restaurant’s goal is to fill the gap in the market and your body with wholesome good vegan food that’ll make you happy. Their driving force is to leave a positive impact, challenge thoughts and do things differently. And that they are. Cauliflower burger? Yes, please.

Worth converting for – Broccoli Pesto Mac ‘N’ Cashew ‘Cheese’

Odd Burger

Once a vegan food truck, the couple opened up locations all around the GTA after fast food ravers were transitioning towards meat-free options. They wanted to disrupt the fast-food industry and offer plant-based, minimally processed and sustainable ingredients that are good for people and the planet, and they have definitely succeeded.

Worth converting for – Famous (Big Mac) Burger

Pizzeria Du

I know for many, like myself the idea of being dairy-free and never really having authentic Italian pizza or pasta is a little gut-wrenching but it’s also been a better choice. Thankfully for Pizzeria Du, you can find delicious authentic Italian pizza and never have Italian food FOMO again. Don’t believe this post, check them out yourself or take a look at their long list of reviews on their site. One foodie raved,

“The pizza here is excellent. They did such a good job of making vegan food that doesn’t feel like it’s lacking anything.”

Worth converting for – Broccoli & Beyond

Photos courtesy @plantayorkville

Planta | Yorkville

If there is one vegan place disrupting the status quo and uniting plant-based lovers in one space, it’s Planta. Their take on upscale dining while combining tropical nature-inspired aesthetics makes it a prime eating venue for any occasion and any kind of food lover. With three restaurants in Toronto and one in South Beach, each has such a good vibe you’ll likely be converted naturally. 

Worth converting for – Spicy Lumaconi Pasta


Just another hip spot in the heart of Kensington Market, Hawker’s vibe is not your typical vegan restaurant. This place is a small cozy spot with a whimsical feel with ‘small plates and naturalist cuisine’. This place is perfect for the carnivore’s inquiring minds to start small to test and taste how delicious plant-based options can be.

Worth converting for – Flowerpot

Hogtown Vegan

The most talked about vegan restaurant in Toronto with a rare Southern Comfort food menu that’ll make you question Mac n’ Cheese forever.

Worth converting for – Unchicken & Waffles

Mandy’s Salads

Sisters Rebecca and Mandy Wolfe started Mandy’s a build-your-own salad bar first in Montreal. From there, the demand grew with 8 stunning locations and now an Instagram swoon-worthy spot, on yep you guessed it, Ossington Av. Not entirely plant-based, but with the option to create your own salads, the skies the limit on eliminating any animal protein or dairy from a hearty salad that calls your name.

Worth converting for – Superfood Salad

Hello 123

The quaintest spot is nestled in a cozy corner in Queen West where vegans and vegetarian lovers congregate. Whether you’re coming for a generously plated brunch or having a coffee at the bar near the window at 5 pm, Hello 123 is a comfy locale for whatever mood you’re in. 

Worth converting for – Golden Curry

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Rosalinda Restaurant

Rosalinda is a high-quality, feel-good Mexican vegan restaurant and probably the best on the list. They serve up your favourite Mexican staples minus the unhealthy mess, just the addition of bountiful and robust flavours.

Worth converting for – Rosa’s Nachos


Greenhouse Juice

Cold-pressed juices are a game-changer and when it comes to juice, it should never be from concentrate. Greenhouse juice keeps it green, clean and nutrient-dense making juicing a breeze when it comes to pressing the reset button.

Worth converting for – The Giver


If you’re looking for proper vegan pastries, particularly donuts, then make your way to Bloomers, a cozy nook on Queen St. W. You can smell them a mile away.

Worth converting for – Chocolate & Maple Donut: Chocolate Coconut

Kumpfert & Kim

Wheatless and meatless, Hello 123’s little sister has indeed made a name for itself in Toronto’s downtown core on Spadina near Queen West. We are happy to announce you can now order for pickup with their menu online and an array of yummy options to choose from. When you’re running to your next meeting, and need a healthy start, head here first before thinking of anything fast food.

Worth converting for – Açaí Bowl

The Goods

The Goods is that kinda place you will feel well taken care of. More than just a cafe, their belief just like ours, is food is medicine. Need we say more? Whether delivery or takeout, they will not disappoint.

“Food is the foundation of a clear mind, healthy body and aligned spirit.”

Worth converting for – Be Well Soup


La Bartola

I’ll admit, when it comes to being vegan, plant-based or dairy-free, delicious Mexican cuisine can be some of the hardest places to find. After Rosalinda, we now have other options. La Bartola is one of them and a must-try. Chef Ivan Castro decided to create La Bartola to promote the wonders and creativity of Mexico’s two food havens Oaxaca and Mexico City.

Worth converting for – Green Chorizo & Cactus

Pai | Northern Thai Kitchen

Pai is my coveted small but eclectic Thai underground eatery. Having spent a lot of time in Thailand, there isn’t a place I know that can nail authentic Thai food quite like Pai. Essentially, a mom and pops joint, but not one like you would imagine, Pai’s unbelievably delicious menu is created by Nuit, a Thai woman who moved here to create Pai with her husband. What makes this place so special, is that it’s hip and perfect for any occasion. It’s vegan/vegetarian-friendly, where anything on the menu can be substituted for tofu or veggies. 

Worth converting for – Chef Nuit Pad Thai


This post isn’t complete without adding in the most sought-after dishes around, and thanks to Tabülè, they make Middle Eastern fare easy for any vegan to enjoy. The truth is, the menu is not 100% plant-based, but many vegans flock toward hearty and nutritious dishes like hummus, falafel and of course tabouleh, just to name a few. With three locations to choose from, plant-based eaters can find themselves here any time of the day.

Worth converting for – Mujaddara

Fat Choi

Post-covid, Fat Choi is located now in Soos restaurant on Ossington. If you think you can’t enjoy delicious tasty Southeast Asian cuisine without any kind of meat…think again. Fat Choi’s dishes are delightfully colourful, filled with authentic Pan Asian plant-based ingredients that are combined to ignite your taste buds and temporarily satiate any cravings. Haven’t got a plane ticket yet to visit Malaysia or Indonesia? Head to Fat Choi… they’ll make a kick-ass introduction. 

Worth converting for – FC CHAR KWAY TEOW



Last but not least, LOV is finally home to Toronto’s King West district and Narcity is calling it an “enchanting vegan paradise.” LOV has been widely well-received among plant-based mavens and we’re thrilled they’ve arrived, giving us Torontonians yet another wonderful option for healthy eating (in style). Originally from Montreal, LOV stands for; local, organic, vegan and the decor is a delightful garden atmosphere that most certainly provides a warm embrace into the mindset of being vegan.

Worth converting for – Mushroom Risotto