We’ve Been on Cloud 9 with Blume and We Won’t Come Down

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The Brand That’s Making Girls Blume

Once was a time when the “time of the month” was around the corner and when it came to dating, it was nothing short of awkward. I would fumble my words trying to muster up an alternative phrase to explain my menstruating woes. 

I would sadly attempt to explain it by saying things like… I have my……and then have them guess or fill in the blanks, or something like, well, I have a “visitor” this month and therefore slightly limited to any and all activities we could enjoy. 😉

The awkwardness continued up until my early thirties until one day I realized and decided not to hide my femininity and all that makes me a woman. Men know this, so why hide it? That’s when I hit em’ with…

I have my period. End of story. Period. Sometimes I would even tell them I am going through PMS. I mean, why was I hiding it all this time? 

Unfortunately, it took this long. I embraced my womanhood and realized there is no reason to be ashamed, mask it or even glorify it as if I’ve got something to hide. Which I don’t.

So what. I’m a woman, and my body can create living beings! You feel me ladies? 

Having my period is all a part of that. That’s why I gravitated towards Blume. Not because they are a Canadian-born company (so are we) launched by two B.C sisters, but because they are about celebrating and enjoying our lady experiences, whether painful or not.

Meet Blume. The brand with a purpose that’s making waves in the realm of natural skincare. And if you think they are a teen-centered product line of organic pads and tampons, you might want to take another look. 

We’re not bragging when we say we’re on cloud 9 and here’s why. 

Blume girls

Do no harm – power to the people – grow together


Blume is a self-care brand centred around teens and puberty, organic cotton pads and tampons. But it stretches beyond that. What it’s really about is womanhood and the impending struggles women go through every month. Cramps, cravings, pimples, fluctuating odours, mood swings and so much more. You might not believe me yet, but Blume’s products help you enjoy this time of the month.

Keep reading. I’ll show you.

“The Ghatrora sisters — who grew up in a culture that didn’t encourage period talk — saw a receptive and neglected market.”Bustle

When we connect with a brand in any capacity, we do so with their values at the forefront. 

A Mission Worth Investing In

Safe, sustainable period products for your life

Not a threat to the environment and body
Self-care is priority
Empowering women
De-stigmatizing old habits and period management

We put self-care and self-love first.

All products are:

100% chemical-free
No chlorine
No bleach
No pesticides
No synthetic fibre
No crude oil

Toxic chemicals in tampons have been linked to hormone disruptions, PCOS and endometriosis in women. Our tampons are 100% chemical free.

100% premium organic cotton
Biodegradable and hypoallergenic
BPA-free and FDA approved
Don’t test on animals

No harmful bleaches or dyes. Our tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton and woven for maximum absorbency.

Building a Female-Forward Future

Blume is forward-thinking, not necessarily in terms of innovation but with products that have an inherent uplifting message for all women. The idea of creating something that helps dismantle the notion that periods should be private rather than public is something we’re so happy to be a part of.

Once and for all…let’s celebrate womanhood, the feminine and the body that belongs to US. Blume products help women thrive, build confidence and inform young women that it’s OK if not an awesome thing that we get our period. In fact, let’s look forward to it. (Well, maybe some aren’t quite there yet, but we get it).

Education is empowerment and we thrive on supporting brands that “builds a safe space” where women are speaking up and protecting their bodies. Learning how to embrace the moments that aren’t so great, but finding ways that make it OK.

Blume collection

My Blume Experience (Hint: There Were No Meltdowns)

For so many years growing up, I was always in a maddening cycle of trying to understand my skin, my body and why it wouldn’t just clear and glow up. Especially during my period. The very moment that I switched to natural and organic skincare, free of chemicals, parabens and harsh ingredients is literally the moment my life was transformed forever.

Taking care of your skin during your period

I’ve come to learn that knowing your skin and body is the first and most important step in maintaining a healthy and vibrant life. As women, managing our PMS and period catapults us into hyper-awareness of what’s happening internally and externally. For some, that may not always be a good thing. We want to make that time of the month easier for you. As it has for myself and many others.

These products will help soothe your way through the pain, discomfort, ever-changing moods and resolve any skin issues that may come up. 

Cloud 9 PMS Oil

Every woman deals with different afflictions when it comes to that time. Many, sadly, suffer from excruciating cramps, mood swings and cravings. Luckily, they have a product for that. Cloud 9, an essential oil roll-on is powerful enough to lift your spirits with its calming scent but can ease some of the pain associated with PMS.

Take this gem everywhere, pocket or purse and apply it to your temples, stomach or back when pain strikes. Apply it during or after a bath, before bed or whenever you need soothing and relaxation. 

Ingredients were obsessed with – Clary Sage + Geranium


As for myself, I go through a few occurring struggles. I chose three products that I know would totally appease these issues. 

Meltdown Spot Treatment

What I loved about Meltdown Blemish Treatment when I first heard about it, was that it doesn’t contain the two most aggressive ingredients; benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acids. Albeit, I won’t discount the effectiveness of these ingredients, however, I always prefer to go the natural route. Enter Meltdown. During my PMS momentum, there’s usually no doubt that a pimple will somehow find a way to rear its little ugly head.  

Thankfully I had Meltdown. I couldn’t wait to see if the name lived up to the hype. 

I started using it at night as a spot treatment, as I normally would. The smell has a beautiful medicinal and botanical combination that truly calms the senses, especially before bed. I started to get excited about using it. I enjoyed adding it to my nightly routine, but was even more pleased to wake up and see my pimple almost extinguished. Using it routinely, I have noticed that it even has a calming and soothing effect when applying it to red or aggravated skin.

The Black Cumin Seed helps to fight bacteria while the Blue Tansy helps to soothe and repair.

Ingredients were obsessed with – Black Cumin Seed + Tamanu


Hug Me Deodorant

The name is enough to get the idea of this all-natural deodorant. The smooth and soft texture feels good from the first application. Hug me is unscented but powerful when it comes to perspiration and odor especially come period time. It goes on dry and only needs to be applied once a day. It feels comfortable, even if you get real sweaty.

Our fav is that it’s free of all the nasties harmful to women like parabens, aluminum, alcohol and gluten. Best of all, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, travel-friendly and pregnancy safe. You practically have nothing to worry about with Hug Me. That feeling of safety and comfort. Ahh. Isn’t that the way we all like our hugs? 

Ingredients were obsessed with – Coconut Oil + Probiotics


Daydreamer Face Wash

Daydreamer is one of those cleansers that you just thank the heavens above it came into your life. I’m not normally one for creamy cleansers as I have combination skin, but I know they are the best for balancing. It has definitely worked wonders for me. I usually skip my toner as it hydrates beautifully. Being ultra-sensitive to harsh ingredients, Daydreamer not only deep cleans, but I look radiant, my skin feels supple and it leaves a calming feeling behind.

Massage this creamy gem in your skin morning and night and create a ritual you’ll fall in love with.

Ingredients were obsessed with – Coconut Oil + Lavender


Here are some of the other fun ways you can get your hands on Blume.

Find your perfect routine.

They make it so darn easy to curate a bangin’ routine. Take the Quiz, to find the best one for you.

Meet the Gang!

Blume had a makeover and we are loving it! Check out all their products here.

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Send us a comment below. We would love to know about your experiences as a girl growing up and how you dealt with your periods, or if you’ve tried any of these products.