13 Gorgeous Ethical + Sustainable Brands for a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Organic Basics sustainable underwear

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You may have heard about the growth of sustainable and eco-friendly brands over the last few years and wondered why there’s such a movement on the rise? 

Artists, curators and designers today aren’t just creating, but doing so with a conscious. Taking care of our planet and being mindful about how we consume brings many benefits when choosing a more sustainable life. With increasing global warming issues, even the small steps make big differences. Now you might be thinking, “I’ve already ditched plastic straws and grocery bags, so what else should I be doing?” While those are both great changes to be made and we urge you to continue in that direction, take a look at the clothing you have in your wardrobe and ask if they are these sustainably made? 

Supporting the Planet, One Look At a Time

We only have one earth and it’s our job to do our best to keep our planet thriving. Whether it’s cutting back on single-use plastics or changing out your wardrobe to select minimal quality pieces from sustainable, eco-friendly brands, changes should be made to save our planet and reduce the carbon footprint. 

Slow fashion brands and things like capsule wardrobes are on the rise, with an emphasis on quality, eco-friendly items that can be fashioned in a number of ways. Gone are the days of bright colors and 52 “micro-seasons” with ever-changing trends, where artists and creators are taking a minimalist approach and curating sustainable wardrobes that will last a lifetime. 

We’re sharing some of the most gorgeous, ethical and sustainable brands that make it easy to look good and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Organic Basics

Everyday basic essentials made sustainably from recycled materials. Soft sustainable cotton that looks spectacular and hugs your body.

Sustainable Brands - Organic Basics
Photo credit @organicbasics

Named the “Best T-shirts” by GQ, Wall Street and Elle, there’s no going wrong with these Canadian designed Egyptian made and sustainable designs.

Sustainable Brands - Kotn
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Conscious Clothing

Centered around family and sustainability, Conscious Clothing makes custom clothing for women. They are about conscious consumption, thoughtful design, quality and sustainability.

Sustainable Brands - Conscious Clothing
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Girlfriend Collective

Where sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes. Activewear for every body to make you look, feel and do great!

Sustainable Brands - Girlfriend Collective
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Radically transparent, ethically made and never boring. Making sustainability as easy as 1, 2, 3 (Browse, Order, Look amazing)

Sustainable Brands - Everlane
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Silk Laundry

“Silks for the modern Woman”. Elevate your wardrobe with timeless silks that will take your style up a notch.

Sustainable Brands - Silk Laundry
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Super soft womenswear made by women, for women. The mission is to end poverty by educating and investing in women and economically empowering them to live free and socially conscious.

Sustainable Brands - Able
Photo credit @livefashionable

Elegant and sustainable outfits for your birthday suit without compromising your curves. Sourcing gorgeous fabrics and turning designs into reality in no time.

Sustainable Brands - Reformation
Photo credit @reformation

From the city of love, made with love. Sezane strives to bring a little bit of Paris into everyone’s wardrobe, and we love them for it.

Sustainable Brands - Sezane
Photo credit @sezane
Eileen Fisher

Casual essentials for your wardrobe made from organic, sustainable fibers. It doesn’t just start and end with clothes, Eileen Fisher is an eco-warrior brand that is transforming the ideals of conventional consumerism.

Sustainable Brands - Eileen Fisher
Photo credit @eileenfisher

Leather footwear and accessories that provide a living wage for their workers while protecting trees in the Amazon Basin. 

Sustainable Brands - Nisolo Shoes
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Quality essentials that’ll make you feel incredible and last a lifetime. Tradlands takes a sustainable modern approach to traditional pieces but with the inherent value that clothes should only get better with time.

Sustainable Brands - Tradlands
Photo credit @tradlands

Long-lasting, ethically made clothing from the beach to the office. Clean basics made for style-conscious women where fabrics are only made until ordered.

Sustainable Brands - Hackwith Design House
Photo credit @hackwithdesign