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Ritual Vitamins

Aside from Ritual’s pretty little pill, if one thing’s clear, we all need vitamins. But for us women, we’re a slightly different species when it comes to relying on supplements. The fact is, we have a lot going on internally at any given time. 

We get pregnant, our hormones fluctuate, unexpected moods creep up, we lose copious amounts of iron during periods of the month (see what I did there), and a host of other things, which I’m sure you can list. At the end of the day, the most important thing for us ladybirds, is to maintain equilibrium, mentally, emotionally and biologically. 

Supplements do that. We go through so many changes in life and our lifestyle choices can leave us depleted from the nutrients we need. Therefore, there will be times when we lack the very things that cause homeostasis harmony. This is especially true for body temperature.

How do we self-regulate? How do we retain that balance? Start with a multi-vitamin. Not just any multi-vitamin, one that gives you what you need and nothing beyond that. 

The whole purpose of a multi-vitamin is so that way we supplement any nutrient shortfalls. 

Ritual – a High-Quality Multivitamin

Much like the foods available to us, vitamins are sometimes packaged with plenty of ‘extra stuff’ or processed in formulations we don’t understand.

Now, thanks to a pretty little and may I add, easily digestible clear pill called Ritual, you can say we’ve developed a wicked habit.

As women, we love our beauty regimens. Yet, we must not forget the most essential of them all and that’s starting from the inside. Other than traditional vitamins, Ritual, their bottles and mission are designed for transparency, so you feel good about what you’re taking. They believe in simplicity, traceability and ingredients that work best in the body.

When I decided to start taking Ritual, transparency was the deciding factor, but what I gained after was even better.

The founder believes that better health begins with better ingredients. We couldn’t agree more. 

Ritual is simple yet essential and also brilliantly:

Gluten, soy and dairy-free

Click on each ingredient to learn more about why they are the chosen ones.

Ritual multivitamins

My Experience with Ritual

Before I tried Ritual I had been taking multivitamins that were riddled with ingredients. I’m a minimalist at heart in life and my business, so my vitamins are no exception. When it comes to taking what’s needed at the right times, I’m a firm believer in listening to your body and knowing when it’s time to supplement. 

Ritual’s beautifully basic but essential vitamins filled the gap in my plant-based diet and helped me to reach peak optimal nutrition. My first 30 days were enough to know and see the differences in my body and skin. I love the fact that I can feel good and confident knowing that Ritual’s high-quality supplement is vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO and thankfully without colourants or synthetic fillers.  

Ritual elevated my energy state

Makayla, Founder of Kale + Coco

What happened is it made me feel better, not worse. Many visible changes included:

Improved mood, especially during that time of the month

Increased energy, I felt lighter and wouldn’t feel as tired as usual

Skin texture, noticeably smoother skin and reduced under-eye bags  


Here’s what I want you to walk away with when it comes to considering a high-quality multivitamin like Ritual…

Get started and stay consistent. Ritual makes it easy for that with their subscription plan.

Take it with the intention of supporting your health. 

Some multivitamins can cause nausea, Ritual won’t. 

Stick with clear vitamins that offer transparency and minimalism both visually and ethically. You’ll get more out of it.

I take Essential for Women with my morning smoothies. It’s stupid simple to take and the perfect addition to your daily beauty Ritual.

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